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Newtown Medical Centre (NMC) started its operations in 2009. Formerly called Marli Street Clinic, Newton Medical Centre emerged as result of a change in ownership and consequently a change in management, staff and services. We are a private medical and diagnostic outpatient clinic that offers a range of medical services to our customers including Executive Medicals, Company Medicals, Radiography, Mammography, Gynaecology, Ultrasound and much more. In our six years of operation our organisation has grown tremendously. This has been mainly due to the extent to which we have diversified our services, the expertise of our physicians and the excellent care that we administer to our patients. Today, NMC is supported by a team of Specialist Doctors, Sonographers, Radiographers, Mammographers, Certified Phlebotomists, Nurses and Lab Technologists.

Conveniently located on Marli Street and adjacent to United States Embassy, NMC serves not only the community of Newton and the surrounding area but we also have customers stemming from the four corners of Trinidad.

From its inception, NMC has defined itself through our mantra, “Dedicated to a Lifetime of Wellness.” This philosophy has been the guiding principle and driver of our service delivery to date. At NMC, our physicians adhere to holistic healthcare solutions with a focus on preventative care.

Our physicians, technologists and staff come from all over the globe inclusive of the African Continent, North America, South East Asia and the main land of Trinidad & Tobago. Also, through NMC’s cultivation of core strategic partnerships, our surgical doctors now have a comprehensive network of private institutions where they perform their surgical procedures. These include organisations such as St. Clair Medical Association, Westshore Medical Association, Good Health and Valsayn Medical.

NMC is, and will continue to be, committed to the people, institutions, and the country of Trinidad & Tobago as we serve all those in need of a brighter and healthier tomorrow.


To be dedicated to a lifetime of wellness, focusing on preventative healthcare and patient empowerment utilizing a holistic approach. To accomplish this goal, Newtown Medical Centre exemplifies compassion, service excellence and enrichment, enhancing the patient and family experience.


Our vision is for the residents of Trinidad and Tobago to actively engage in preventative healthcare and welcome the education provided by Newtown Medical Centre to be applied in their daily lives. While we continue to excel in treatment, it is our goal that preventative healthcare become the focus.


1.   Dedication/Commitment: We are dedicated to those we serve and committed to our company values and mission.

2.   Innovation/Enrichment: In an ever-changing world, it is imperative that we remain current and ahead of the curve. We want the best for our patients and will therefore continue to educate ourselves and seek the latest technologies.

3.   Compassion: We relate to our patients as we are patients ourselves. We are mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters and have experienced going to the doctor to determine the unknown. For this reason, we empathize with our patients and we make every effort to ensure their comfort.

4.   Excellence: It is our duty to provide an unsurpassed level of excellence in our interactions with our patients and their families.

5.   Service: We are here to serve our patients with the utmost care and professionalism. Their needs and comfort are our priority.

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