• Diagnostic

    The faster and more accurate your diagnosis, the better your chances for successful treatment and recovery.

  • Laboratory

    Laboratory tests help your physician to determine what’s going on inside your body.

  • Specialized

    Through Newtown Medical Centre’s specialty care services, you have access to expert knowledge to optimize treatment in unique or complicated courses of care.

  • Company Medical

    Your continued good health is a strategic component of your company’s bottom line.

  • Urgent Care/Extended Hours

    Getting sick doesn't always work around your schedule. That's why Newtown Medical Centre provides extended hours.

  • Home Visit

    When getting to a doctor’s office is too difficult, Newtown Medical Centre’s physicians can come to you.

  • Informational Sessions and Educational

    Learn how you and your family can have better health while saving time and money – with a value based approach to personal healthcare.

  • Dental

    At Newtown Medical Centre, we believe every mouth deserves expert dental treatment.

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